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ParksPlus Property Program

ParksPlus Property Program has been designed exclusively for the WaterPark, Theme and Amusement Industry and is Insured through ParksPlus Insurance Company Inc.

We at ParksPlus Underwriting Agency LLC have extensive background knowledge and experience in insuring property risks for water parks, theme parks and other amusement industry entities.

One of the things that was apparent to us is that the Insurance Market in general really does not understand the specifics and unique nature of this Industry. Rating is usually conducted in accordance with standard rating procedures and policy wordings and leans heavily on ISO forms and rating, , which do not recognize the unique property risks involved in the Amusement industry.

Coverage can be clearly and succinctly spelled out in less than 20 pages rather than wading through the extensions and restrictions in the forms referred to above.

In order to be able to properly design a suitable proposal and quote, we have designed our own application form. We will only accept applications on our form because it has been carefully designed to elicit the information we need.

If you submit a fully completed application, we will be able to offer you a carefully thought out and specifically designed Property program.

Please follow the instructions below to submit an application. Note that we do not handle direct business. There needs to be a licensed Agent or Broker involved.

Agents and Brokers, please follow the link and complete the Broker questionnaire so we can register you as a Producer and provide you with access to the various forms and underwriting criteria available.


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